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Oh Boy Indeed

Note to self:  Allison says "I told you so" when this ends badly.

Things with me and Walter, or Roger which is what Chris insists on calling him, started nicely.  Well, at least I'm amused how the second time I ever met him he proceeded to tell him just how much he wanted me.  I know it's incrediably girly and cliche, but I have body issues.  It's nothing extreme, I just don't think I'm attractive...at all.  So to have the bad ass hottie with a mohawk compliment me...it was nice.

Skip past all the flirting, kissing and interesting marks.  (haha I can't believe I attacked him like that)

We start to get more serious and it makes me a happy me.

Skip the drama cause we got over it.

I feel bad for skipping two days of school if only because of Walter.  He keeps sending me the sweetest texts.  Telling me I'm all he's ever wanted, how he can't stop thinking about me.  It makes me smile this really doofy looking smile o'happiness.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean a word of it.  But I don't care.  Because sometimes playing make-believe is really all you've got.  Plus, I really do like him.  A lot.  Is this stupid of me?  To want to enjoy a little affection from someone?

That aside, I asked if I'd get to see him this break and he'd said he'd make it happen if I really wanted to see him.  I do.  If he can't find a way to me I'll find a way to Orange County, it's not too far from here...only two or three hours.  He's always on my mind and honestly, I find that I don't mind at all.  *enjoying stupid girliness*

In other news, Biatces I'm home!  Not that you all didn't know that already.  I went to go see the stepdrama on Saturday and it was awesome.  Chris was a sweetie and bought my ticket.  I sit down in my seat and notice projecters as part of the backgroun, I leave and it gets all pretty and technical, figures lol.  But seriously, the cast did a great job, so congrats to you kiddies.  Hahaha I can say that because I'm a big "mature" college student now.

Tonight I'm going to the lovely Miss Mary's pre pep rally bash and I'm mucho excited.  Not only will I get to sleep at the casa de Engler, which is much love on it's own, I get to see Jenna.  *cheers*  I'm miss that closeted lezzie.  (joking...maybe)

Okay, time for me to stop chittering on like a happy squirrel and go eat the first meal of the day.  Foooooooood!


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