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Yes, My Mind Really Does Work Like This

So I have to write a short play for one of my classes.  I've been thinking really hard on it before deciding to poke my inner muse.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Me: I need to write a play.

Muse: Okay...?

Me: So...

Muse: So...?

Me: Inspire me! *points at muse*

Muse: Why?

Me: You're my muse!  it's your job!

Muse: I'm taking a break.

Me: *sputters* You can't do that!

Muse: Just did.  *examines fingernails*

Me: *ready to cry* But-but why?

Muse: Sanity.  I like mine and you severly lack it.

Me: *sobs* That's not fair!  I traded it for you!

Muse: That sucks for you.  *silence*  Can we order Chinese food tonight?

Me: That's it! *waves arms*  I'll make my play about the fate of a lonely fortune cookie named Crispy Dave!

Muse: *shakes head*  Wow...I think you've hit an all time low...Congrats *heavy sarcasm*

Me: No wait!  The play will be about the cookie trying to make his own fortune message come true!  I'm brilliant!

~one hour later~

Me: The food was great. *laughs and grabs a fortune cookie*  Now that I'm full of yummy food it's time to reveal the fortune *cue cheesy suspence music*

Muse: Well?

Me: It says...You like Chinese food...*frowns*  What the hell!?

Muse: *laughs and walks away with the wanton soup*

Me: Curse you Cripsy Dave the fortune cookie!  You've foiled me again! *looks around*  Hey!  Come back here with my soup! *runs after muse*

New LJ

I have a new LJ, no don't delete this one from your friends page. I'm still using it. This new LJ is for my writing. It's a friend's only page so if you have any inteterst in my work at all go ahead and friend it.

I should have gone to bed at 11:45.  Instead I wrote this...Hmmm....

 Sniffing Glue

Summary:  There’s Andrew, a seventeen year old boy who puts the fun in dysfunctional.  He’s convinced that being around most people is like sniffing glue.  It doesn’t do anything for you except kill brain cells.  And then there’s Brandon, and its hell from their first hello.  [SLASH]

It needs to be edited and cleaned up because I haven't checked it over for mistakes yet.  It's open for nitpicking if anyone feels like showering me with some constructive criticism. 

Everyone Knows This Is On My Mind

This is a small rant about Kingdom Hearts II.  Don't click it unless you want to stumble across some spoilers.  

*pant pant*  I'm done...I'm not that upset, really...I'm sane

May. 16th, 2006



*coughs* Sorry. Otakon is coming up and I'm determined to go and enjoy it to my crazy rabid fangirl heart's content.  I also plan on pre-regestiring for it.

Now I know most of you (my friends) don't know and/or care about anime. That's fine. But if someone wants to go please do let me know so I can include you in my group planning cause I'll be damned if we're not all going in cosplay group style Boo-yah!!!


Just in case...that's the website.

Just A Look Can Kill You

Hey Miss Murder can I...
Make Beauty stay if I take my life?

The play is over and so ends a large chapter in my life. Speaking of chapters closing, high school is almost over as well. And this is it, I've said almost everything to people at Senior's last words. I'm done with these past four years. I'm going to let go of it all. I'll pack it away the way I did with all my grammer school mementos. I plan to go to college with a clean slate.

This dosen't mean I'm going to forget about everyone nor does it mean I'm leaving all my friends behind...only some of them. It might sound a little cruel but I know that keeping in touch with friends from high school is going to take a lot of work, so I'm only going to focus on those that matter most to me.

Those friends know who they are.

I hope that other people can let go as well. I know I've wasted a lot of people's time and for that I'm sorry. Don't forget the things I've said, just know that from this day on, they don't hold the same weight.

Which One Is More True?

I decided to put both my name and my nickname in this thingy...I'm not sre how I feel abouyt either...Mer

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

<td align="center">

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
I didn't think I'd do so well on my very first try. *beams* And now I'm off on a six hour car drive to visit Potsdam, a school I don't even want to go to. If I'm lucky I'll be home in time to go out tomorrow.

You scored 67% Pride, 75% Envy, 90% Ambition, and 67% Deceitfulness!
You are Satan, the consummate villain, and the ascendant figure in the unholy trinity. Throughout history you have been called The Serpent, The Accuser, The Devil, Lucifer, The Prince of the Power of the Air, and The Dragon, among other things. Your "compatriots" in the unholy trinity, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, are merely pawns in your futile struggle with God. Though, they probably don’t know this. This is because you are a master of deception; indeed the Bible calls you "The Father of All Lies". You are also very ambitious, and you strive to be in positions of the utmost authority. Unfortunately, it was impossible for you to obtain the highest title in heaven and this is part of the reason why you decided to leave. Of course, you couldn’t just leave by yourself, so you managed to use your deceptive abilities to get one third of the angels in heaven to join with you in revolt. God put down the rebellion and expelled you from heaven. To most people, it would seem foolish to start a war against God, but pride can sometimes cause people to do foolish things. In heaven, you were the most beautiful and powerful of all angels and you were well aware of this. Unfortunately, you let your pride consume you and your passions led you down the road to perdition. After you were expelled from heaven, you let another one of your attributes consume you—envy. You knew that you could never defeat God, but you could attempt to destroy humanity, his most beloved creation. Your goal is to bring as many people as possible to suffer in Hell with you. Fortunately for you, but unfortunately for the rest of us, you’ve been endowed with all of the attributes necessary (deceptiveness, confidence, ruthlessness, and ambition) to do a terribly good job at this.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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Link: The Which Biblical Villain Are You Test written by MetalliScats on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Having a sex change operation.

Get your resolution here

Um...I'm going to ignore this and try again...

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Make the FBI's most wanted list.

Get your resolution here

*smiles* Much Better.
First post of the New Year... *distant crowd cheers weakly*

Right, anyway...I've given this past year a lot of thought. I'm not who I thought I'd be by now. And that disappoints me. I've got this images of who I know I could be that I'm striving for. I have all I need to reach out and mage this image real, to make the outside me match the inside me. The only thing only me back is fear. Even after all this time and every assurance from my friends, I'm still afraid. I'm terrified of finally being me only to have my friends turn away.

I wouldn't blame them.

Dear Friends,
I've been deceiving you all. I'm not really the person you think I am. I'm sorry. I'm not strong or confident. I've lied almost as much as I've told the truth...I've hurt important people and failed to make others happy. I've lopved some one and never straight out told them under the pretense that my actions said it clear enough. I know they haven't and I really should just suck it up and tell him.

What's a little rejection anyway?

I'm apologizing now for everything I ever done wrong. But if you feel like that isn't goo enough let me know and I'll apologize in person to you. If I'm in debt to you for someting, let me know so I can pay you back. If you think you're in debt to me for something, I absolve you of it.

My New Year's resolution is to each day be a little bit more of the real me and to stop hiding. If you don't like what you find, that's fine. I know it's a lot to ask, but I ask if you don't like the real me then just quietly say so to me. I'll understand and then at least that way I can fondly remember the friendship we had. I don't want to tarnish any of our friendships with a fight over something like this.

I hope everyone's Year is better than the last.



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